CELIM NGO: Call for ACAP External Expert – PAPAF.08/2020

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CELIM NGO needs your trusted expertise.

Scope of the CEE

NGO “CELIM” in partnership with NAPA (National Agency for the Protected Areas) are responsible for the implementation of ACAP Project Community Actions of Protected Areas, in accordance to the main objective of the project for the infrastructural, managerial and technical empowerment of the Regional Agencies for the Protected Areas. The project is financed by Italian Agency for Development Cooperation AICS (ref. AID – 011521) and the intention of CELIM NGO through this call is to conclude a consultancy contract with an Albanian architect for the realization of a Waste Management plan around  the Bektashi temple at Tomorri Mountain Protected Area.

The plan must include the provision of parking area, camping area and equipped area for bathrooms and toilets.

The correct delivery of waste must be planned with a specific area for butchery waste, food waste, plastic material, tin, paper and residual dry products.

In collaboration with the Municipality of  Skrapar, therefore, an authorized waste disposal plan will be implemented.

Who can apply?

Experts and Evaluators will be selected by ACAP Project Management Committee according to the proposed challenges and regarding the following criteria:

Highly qualified expertise in: architecture and/or urban planning;

Be recognised as an expert in your category of expertise;

Availability for occasional, short-term assignments;

At least 15 years of proven experience;

Proficient use of photogrammetric programs;

Experience in research and publications in scientific publications;

Work experience in international organizations;

Proven track record of assessment of innovative urban projects. 

How to apply?

Candidates shall submit a detailed CV at [email protected]. The deadline for the submission of the CV and supporting documents is 1st of March 2020.

Selection process

Selected experts will be informed two weeks after the CEE has been closed.

Appointed experts will be asked to sign a declaration of honor and a statement of non-conflict of interest. A contract with the project coordinator will be signed stating obligations and compensation.

For additional questions, please contact [email protected] or [email protected]