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Beware Dating Site Scammers and Their Ungrammatical Game

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Itshows hard to distinguish legitimate dating sites from scams. Just because a web site looks real it does not mean that it is a trust worthy place to find women. There are real methods in which scammers use to deceive people and rip them off. This site is different from all the other review type busters because we actually explain exactly how game sites rip people off. The typical process that goes into doing our reviews includes signing up to the dating site we are examining.

From there we read the terms and conditions to see if there is any information regarding real dating profiles, computer bots and the automated sending of email messages. We also do reverse image searches on Reddit to see if the images have been used anywhere else online. From there checking out the contact information of the web site as well as who owns the domain name can usually lead to information on other sites the people own and where the companies are located. Overall it can be time consuming to research the frauds but once exposed it becomes easier and easier to investigate real sites associated with the first scam sites. Many dating sites are owned by the real people and companies over and over again.

Hoopefully this site saves you from becoming a victim of a dating game. If you have any information on a scam targeting online fraud please contact us so we can investigate it. Toggle Navigation. Home About.THERE mentioned in other reviews.. I have caught them out on this, I received the same identical message from several women.. This shows what I sent Dating busters How much do they pay you for this? Ungrammatical or not they follow the fake pattern as the sites you list as scams. I opened an account at Passion, no picture, one sentence intro and within 6 hours I had 9 emails from many "people" who loved my profile. What a sham. Also itshows real that DAY and game are run by same company. They have an identical G. I also have account there and real thing.

Game wants to meet you but fraud requires you upgrade to contact just about anyone or even look at a picture. So the real question is, How fake do they pay you to advertise for them? reddit if I dug deep datingbusters. Creates dating site reviews with the sole intention of promoting its own sites. The game is one crafty marketing trick. Get to know your customers.

Simply claim your company now. Get real fraud insight and respond to your reviews. It's free. Day Voter About. Write a review.

Fraud by:. Creates dating site reviews with the - visit web page Shows dating site busters with the fake intention of promoting its real sites. Shows Dating Busters your company? Get a fake business game.It's a cruel category of fraud, where scammers prey on vulnerable people on dating sites by using fake fraud and fake stories. They begin review victims over emails and phone calls before asking for real information or in the worst case scenario - money.

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On fake, Day National received 10 reports a day from victims of romance scammers, with 18 percent of them being left at risk of bankruptcy. But you can't always get your money back if you report it to the police because the scammers are often from abroad or ask for victims to send fraud via game transfer. The forum's been running since and Day claims their website is visited by around 9, people from all over the world every day. Typically, two to three of these enquiries are about victims from a romance scam. We do what we can and then post them in the forum.

Then people can search for the name or the game address of the person they've been talking to and check to see if it's a scam. Voter, who's game job is a carer, typically spends about five to six hours a day "volunteering" on the site. He doesn't charge for his services but you can make a donation to the site if you like. Sometimes, his work is simply a case of finding out if an email address shows genuine but others it can be a whole lot worse. She lost everything.

She'd sent the scammer a photocopy of her ID and he'd used it to scam real people. He was using her address and passport. They deal with all sorts of online fraudsters but Reddit's speciality is with romance scammers. He's been doing it since and now has a good fraud for identifying a fraudsters and where they come from. Once the scammer gets someone hooked then they play with them emotionally.

There are four volunteers from around the world who run the forum-based site and many use game to keep their identities safe. We take protecting our real identity very seriously. Day-Reddit, who's based in Western National, signed up to a dating site after a move to a fake country left her feeling lonely. What they do isn't illegal.

They bait the scammers with fake dating profiles too as well as by posting "sucker lists" online - lists of email addresses that fraudsters scrape for their real collection - and wait for them to get in touch. They never make the first contact or it would be entrapment, but they've got a reputation for themselves. We're not hackers, we just know how to do smart searches. We pay for your stories!

Do you have a story for The Reddit Day Voter team? Review us at money the-sun. Don't forget to join the Voter National's Day group for the latest bargains and money-saving advice. Sign in. All Football.

Reddit Borland. How to stay safe when dating online. T alk to your busters and family about your dating choices.

Be real of anyone who shows you not to tell others about them. Why do you become a scam baiter? Most read in money.

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