Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ): Open Call for Tender, Prequalification

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1.1.Requester: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ), Office Tirana, Rr. Skenderbej, No. 21/1

1.2.Profile: German Development Cooperation, Office in Tirana supports Albania on its path to European integration and development through projects implemented in: Economic development, Economic legal reform, Vocational education and training, Reform of the water sector, Agriculture and Rural development, and some other areas

1.3.Subject: The GIZ Office Tirana, with the initiative of SRD Programme, invites Companies or Consortiums of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) / Institutions / Companies / Training Providers to express their interest in implementing ‘Në fshat’ project in rural regions of Albania. 

The project aims:

  • To offer new perspectives to the rural community in selected regions in continuing life and work in rural areas in order to generate additional income, hence avoiding depopulation of the villages.
  • Economic development of rural areas through the implementation of IGAs in the agriculture and tourism sector.
  • Provision of professional practice to university students as a link between youth with rural community.

The Company or Consortium of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) / Institutions / Companies / Training Providers must prove that they are legally registered and allowed to pursue the professional activity necessary to carry out the work subject to this request for proposal.

All legal entities interested in application process should ask for an application form to the address: [email protected]

2. The due date for submitting the application is 22nd of June 2021. The documents should be submitted in a sealed envelope, marked “Application for prequalification: “Në fshat Project”, addressed to:

German Development Cooperation Office (GIZ), Office in Tirana,

Skanderbeg Street, No. 21/1


After the due date for submitting the application, the process of prequalification will follow.

The submitted applications will be evaluated, and only prequalified candidates will be invited to answer to the bid.