Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ): Open Call for Tender, Prequalification

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1.1.Requester: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ), Office Tirana, Rr. Skenderbej, No. 21/1

1.2.Profile: In response to the situation due to Covid-19, many water companies and institutions at central level have asked their employees to work mobile. Currently all public and private institutions at central and local level lack clear remote-work policies and training in advance as well as proper support digital solution to enable and support working in emergency. AKUM as the most specialized institution for water supply and wastewater in Albania implemented hundreds of infrastructure projects all over Albania during the last 20 years and possess a considerable and the unique technical archive including designs, maps etc. These documents will need be properly assessed by the staff of AKUM and select/store only the most important one to be integrated within the future digital document management system. New DMS System need to be supported by proper IT equipment to be installed at AKUM and some servers at AKSHI.

1.3.Subject: The GIZ Office Tirana invites qualified IT companies to express their interest in Supply and Installation of IT equipment supporting implementation of Document Management and Communication System for AKUM.


1.4.1.     Participation is open to all eligible IT national companies (participating either individually or in a grouping — consortium — of tenderers) which are effectively established in Albania.

1.4.2.     The company must prove that they are legally registered and allowed to pursue the professional activity necessary to carry out the work subject to this request for proposal.

1.4.3.     The company must prove similar experience in the field.

1.4.4.     The company must have the authorization from the manufacturer for sales and services for the offered products.

All legal entities interested in application process should ask for an application form  to the address: giz-alba[email protected]

 2. The due date for submitting the application is 26th of November 2020. The documents should be submitted in a sealed envelope, marked “Application for prequalification: CPWS (EUSWAM)-C1- Supply and installation of IT equipment supporting implementation of Document Management and Communication System for AKUM, addressed to:

German Development Cooperation Office (GIZ), Office in Tirana,

Skanderbeg Street, No. 21/1


After the due date for submitting the application, the process of prequalification will follow.

The submitted applications will be evaluated, and only prequalified candidates will be invited to answer to the bid.