Save the Children: Call for Service Provider, (TOR) 2020/030 

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(TOR) 2020/030 

Assignment Title: Development and implementation of 4 (four) web-based digital tools for the needs of the project “Shkollat për Shëndetin” (“Schools for Health”) 

As of March 1, 2020, Save the Children has started the implementation of a Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) project: “Shkollat për Shëndetin” (“Schools for Health”) in Albania.

Background of the project

The overreaching goal of the project is to reduce the exposure to the major risk factors for Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) in the Albanian population in general, but with a particular focus on schoolchildren. The project will promote positive behavioural changes among all primary schoolchildren in Albania in order for them, their respective families and communities at large to engage in healthy lifestyle practices including healthy nutritional practices, physical activity, and no use of smoking, alcohol consumption or drugs, as well as promotion of other healthy behaviours/lifestyles. This 9-year project consists of the Inception Phase (12 months), the Main Phase (4 years), and a Follow-up Phase (4 years).

For the Inception Phase, the main goal is to develop a structured and clear-cut implementation approach that will guide the intervention of the main phase with regard to achieving the ultimate goal of the project: that is to reduce the exposure to the major risk factors for NCD among Albanian children and their families, thereby promoting healthy behaviours in the overall population. The project covers all schools in the 9-year system in Albania.

The Contractor: According to the ToR the four main responsibilities of the consultant which are further detailed into concrete tasks are:

  • GIS: geographic information system
  • Online collaboration tool for stakeholders
  • Information sharing channels between stakeholders
  • Social digital marketing survey.

The contractor shall manage the project (from planning until completion), preparing plans and proposals, ensuring services’ quality and standards, facilitating communication and interface, stakeholder engagement & management, implementing project activities, supporting project team, reporting to Save the Children.

Requirement for submission of application you will find in the TORse published online at

Timetable of the procurement

  • Administrative aspects

Applicants can submit questions to: [email protected] within 17/09/20. Kindly allow 2 (two) working days for the reply.

The offer shall be submitted in English in a sealed envelope. Financial offer should be submitted in a separate envelope. On each envelope should be written in a clear way the full name of the tender you are applying to. 

Address:  The complete offer is to be submitted to the following address:

Please do not open

Save the Children Albania country office

Street. “Komuna e Parisit”, Lagjia 8,

Building 1 Maji, Vila “Lami”; P.O. Box 8185

Tel: +355 4 2261840 / +355 4 2261929 / +355 4 2266227

Fax: +355 4 2263 428

E-mail: [email protected]