Save the Children: Request for Quotation for purchase of one Vehicle

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Request for Quotation for purchase of one Vehicle

Save the Children is a leading and independent organization in the world for children. We work in 120 countries worldwide. We defend the lives of children, fight for their rights and help them to fulfil their potential.


In order to qualify as a bidder, you must be able to answer ‘Yes’ against all of the Essential Criteria. After passing the essential criteria you will be scored against Capability and Commercial criteria.

A) Do you have a legitimate business/official address OR are you registered for trading or tax purposes with the authorities: Yes/ No

B) Do you agree to comply with our standard policies and procedures as stated in RFQ document: Yes/No

C) Do you confirm that you are not any prohibited parties or on Government blacklists: Yes/ No


The following criteria are considered very important in the evaluation of this tender

Quality /Service (20 %) 

  • Quality and certification of Bidder’s products (Brand of the products required, country of origin and Warranty)

Capacity (40 %) 

  • Bidder’s capacity to supply Save the Children, particularly in terms of quality and lead times (specify lead times)
  • Bidder’s ability to provide warranties and guarantees as part of the contract (warranty of products) 

Financial offer

Cost factor-pricing (40 %)

-Companies must express their interest by sending an email with:

  • Detailed economic offer
  • Technical specification sheet for the vehicle
  • A copy of NIPT
  • The validity of the offer
  • The terms of delivery
  • Warranty
  • Name and year of birth of Legal Administrator

the email should be sent to the email address [email protected] , no later than Thursday, October 31st, 16:00

For more visit the web page:    

Specifications of the items required:

Purchase of Vehicle for project- 1 pcs

Number of cylinders:            4 Cylinders

KF/RPM:                    102 (minimum)

NM/RPM:                  250/1500 (minimum)

Height from land:       145 mm (minimum)

No of Seats:               6 +1

Measurements:          4.8 m (minimum, the size of a 6+1-seater.  The 4+1-seater is at least 40 cm shorter).

Fuel:                          Diesel

Shift:                          Manual/automatic

Air conditioner/Clima, front airbags, minimum 2 years of warranty.