The Albanian – American Development Foundation (AADF) : Request for Tender No: 00144

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               Publikuar në : 22:46 - 03/07/20 |

No: 00144

AADF is inviting interested companies to bid for the tender number 00144 for “Supply, installation and maintenance of electronic and other hardware for the TUMO Tirana Center for Creative Technologies”.

AADF in partnership TUMO Center for Creative Technologies will establish TUMO Tirana scheduled to open to the public by October 2020. The TUMO Center is an after-school program for teens between 12–18 years old, where they will learn skills at the intersection of design and technology. The educational program consists of multiple learning targets including animation, game development, graphic design, filmmaking, music, robotics, programming and 3D modeling.

Deadline for submitting bids: July 17, 2020 at 10:00 a.m.

To get a copy of the tender documents please visit our website at