The Albanian-American Development Foundation: Request for Tenders

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The Albanian-American Development Foundation (AADF) began operations in November of 2009 with the support and encouragement of USAID and the United States Government. The foundation’s mission is to make a meaningful contribution to Albania’s economic growth by making social investments related to entrepreneurship, education, leadership development and support for cultural tourism.

Under its education program AADF is implementing a multifold intervention to assist the Centre for Educational Services (CES) improve their governance and managements systems and increase technical capacity. CES is the exclusive institution in charge of the delivery and assessment of High-Stake Exams (public examination), International Examination, Public Olympiads and is the host institution of the Regulated Profession Licensing Exams for Albania.

Subject of The Tender: Delivery and installation of Printing and Scanning systems for the national Center for Educational Services (QSHA).

To receive a copy of the application package and other tender documents, please register on our website and than download from the links provided to you. If you have questions please address them only in writing by email to [email protected].

The deadline for submitting bids is February 25th, 2019 at 12.00 hours pm at AADF Premises;  Rr. Ibrahim Rugova, Ndertesa 42, Hyrja 7, Apartamenti 61, Njesia Administrative nr. 5, 1019, PO Box. 1731, Tirana-Albania




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